Society Bylaws

Society Bylaws:

The ICHS Council reviewed, discussed and made revisions to the former ICHS Bylaws the first quarter of 2023. The new Bylaws can be viewed here and at Members are encouraged to review the Bylaws, comment, and provide feedback to the Council for consideration during the next review.

The latest revisions to the ICHS Bylaws are summarized below:

  • Addition and definition for Early Career/Trainee members throughout the document regarding membership criteria and participation on committees and voting eligibility.
  • Emeritus members changed to be 15 years as an ICHS member and retired
  • Low/Low Middle-Income Membership discounts added and defined
  • Corporate members were deleted. Corporations will be sponsors not members
  • Treasurer and Executive Director positions are appointed not elected
  • Council members can participate in meetings electronically as well as in person
  • Vacancy procedures were redefined
  • Voting is permitted by electronic means
  • Diversity and equity verbiage included under Nominations Committee function to encourage inclusiveness and representation from various regions around the world
  • Treasurer role separated from Past President role and is more well-defined
  • Financial audit verbiage changed to include internal and independent review based on US tax law requirements.