Council Member Elections

ICHS International Council

ICHS International Council Members are appointed for a term of 4 years.  Each Council member will hold office until his/her successor has been elected and qualified.  The Council meets every three months by teleconference and at ASM Microbe, ECCMID, or another meeting where a quorum of the Council are present.  Ad hoc meetings may be called as needed.

Council Member elections take place prior to each Biennial Symposium and each council member is selected by majority vote of the ICHS General Membership.

The following candidates have been recommended by ICHS members and selected by the ICHS Nominations Committee. Please become acquainted with all of the nominees to the new 2018 ICHS International Council.
 NOMINEE  Photo and Biosketch
 Jose M Aguado  JMM Bio
 Matteo Bassetti  MB Bio
 Roy Chemaly  RC Bio
 Paolo Grossi  PG Bio
 Michael G Ison  MGI Bio
 Thomas Lehrnbecher  TL Bio
 Marisa H Miceli
 MM Bio
 Steven Pergam  SP Bio

ICHS Executive Council

The Executive Council is Composed of the Society President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, Vice President, and Executive Director.  The Executive Council (EC) is responsible for the management of the society and planning of each Biennial meeting.  Nominees to the of the Executive Council are chosen from the International Council and confirmed by vote of the ICHS Membership. 

Currently one position is vacant within the Executive Council:  Vice President
 Nominee Photo and Biosketch
 Murat Akova MA Bio

Voting is not yet open.  Please acquaint yourself with the Council Nominees.  Check back soon.  Voting will begin in mid May, 2018.

Thanks for your interest and participation.

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