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The 20th ICHS Symposium will be in Athens, Greece June 17-19, 2018. Please join us!


*  Assemble the world’s leading thought leaders to advance the scientific and medical research agenda in infections in immunosuppressed hosts

* Foster collaborative relationships amongst clinicians, scientists, as well as industry to further advance the field

* Introduce and inspire trainees and early career scholars to get involved in the field of infections in immunosuppressed hosts


Infectious Disease Specialists
Transplantation Specialists
Clinical Microbiologists
Rheumatologists and immunologists
Critical care Specialists
Primary care providers for
HIV/AIDS patients
Epidemiologists and researchers in Public Health

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Dear colleagues:

    As the current president of the International Immunocompromised Host Society, I warmly welcome you and thank you for your interest in our Society. ICHS was founded almost 40 years ago by an international multidisciplinary group of scholars with an interest in all aspects of immunosuppression, including hosts with congenital immune-deficiencies, iatrogenic immunosuppression, HIV/AIDS and others. In November 2016 we celebrated, in collaboration with the InFocus group, our 19th international biannual symposium in Santiago, Chile. The meeting was highly successful and the program was scientifically very robust, covering a broad-spectrum of topics, across different contexts of immunosuppression and across different pathogens. The 20th symposium of our Society will be held in Athens, Greece in June 2018.
    I strongly encourage all the colleagues who are interested in the clinical practice and research on infections in immunocompromised host to become members of our Society. We plan to undertake several new initiatives to increase the Society's profile and I would welcomed your help. There are several benefits of your ICHS membership, including contact with outstanding taught leaders and clinical experts in the broad field of infectious diseases and immune-deficiencies, informative Web page, membership pin, reduced registration fees, and regular updates on the Society activities. Thank you for your interest in this unique and historic Society.  I look forward seeing you in Athens!

With best regards,
Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis, MD, ScD, FACP, FIDSA
President, International Immunocompromised Host Society


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European Conference on Infections in Leukaemia (ECIL) news

We are pleased to inform you that the final slide sets of the ECIL 7 working groups CMV, HHV6 and vaccines are now available on the ECIL website at www.ecil-leukaemia.com. You will find these sets in the Program section.

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